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PARKEER - Aplicativo para Gerenciar Estacionamentos

Informatize your parking today with PARKEER - Low cost management tool, proven results.

The result of more than nine years of work, PARKEER began in a small network of parking lots in Rio Grande do Sul. This network, after having used several other software, micro-terminals and systems, felt that their needs had not yet been fulfilled. decided to develop their own software.

The first version of this program was called "EPLUS". Shortly after, due to the evident ease of operation that this software provides, other parking lots in the region were interested in acquiring the program and we ended up transforming ourselves into a startup of parking software.

Customers from all regions have grown in parallel and common sales growth, new features, improvements and implementations. PARKEER, over time, has become more than software, a proven operational management methodology. Constantly perfected and currently serving more than five hundred parking lots throughout Brazil, Uruguay and more recently, in the United States of America.

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Automação de Estacionamentos: Tarifação, Tabela de Preços, Preço à Pagar, Cobrança

Smart Charging

You do not need to manually change from rotary to overnight stay and overnight stay, the program already does it for you. When a parked vehicle reaches the value of a larger fraction of time at the same price, the exchange is performed automatically. In addition, monthly payers who exceed the number of seats and times stipulated will be charged by the value of the rotary according to the table for your type of vehicle.

Software para Estacionamento e Lava-rápido: Serviços, Lavagem, Lavação, Java-rápido, Lava Jato


For those who perform washing, vacuuming, polishing, waxing and other services ... Our service module is complete in the management of the service queue and delivery to the client, and the value of the services can be attached to the parking lot or separately. Parking lots that use the machines and the labor to do laundry of domestic carpets, can also use the service module, as it also performs the service calculation per m².

Como Funciona Sistema de Estacionamento: Mensalistas, Mensais, Pagamentos, Vagas, Horários, Recibo, Cupom, Vencimento

Monthly customers

Complete control over monthly payments, with the tariff in the table of the surplus rotary to the contractor and other functionalities parameterizable to inhibit the default. In addition, we also facilitate in the service, the vehicles of mensalistas are marked with different color in the list of the patio and every time a vehicle of mensalista enters or leaves, the program displays a warning (that appears in red if the client is in default).

Convênios, Convênio, Software, Parceria, Cupons, Estacionamento


Covenants are proven to be an easy and fast way to increase the flow of parking, adding value to partner business. With that in mind, we have developed reports that make transparent all the operations of vehicles for your company. Prepaid arrangements (when the customer pays at the entrance) are great for parking lots that run close to nightclubs or nightclubs.

Caixa, Controle, Sistema, Caixas, Estacionamentos


Operations that generate parking credit are shown in the cash register of each user, classified according to their type and form of payment (money, card, debit, applications, etc). For managerial control, there is the closing statement (issued by the employee) and a report that facilitates the conference - If there is any difference between the presented values, simply use the analytical form of the report and check the records.

Anotação, Aviso, Entrada do Veículo, Saída do Veículo, Alerta, Controle


When you need to remember something about a particular customer (when you owe some change or create some disruption) you can create a note on the system. This note is displayed as a reminder the next time the vehicle enters the parking lot, even if you need to, by checking the "Deny entry" option you prevent the vehicle from entering the parking lot.

Vouchers, Tarifação, Tabela de Preços Especiais, Estacionamento, Preço, Promoção


Create prepaid accounts for your favorite customers, or distribute discount cards to anyone who uses your parking lot. Vouchers are prepaid account debit codes, often used to create preferential cards or to set up gratuity for family and friends of the parking lot owner. The values used in voucher form are shown in the box separately so as not to lose control.

Fraudes, Estacionamentos, Anti-Fraudes, Sistema, Terminais, Programas, Computador, Estacionamento, Parking, Relógio

Fraud Protection

Common frauds in mobile and micro-terminal applications (such as changing the time to charge less than due - Oops!) Can not be performed on PARKEER. Over fifty protection routines prevent your parking profit from falling into the pocket of malicious employees. We are proud to say that, for more than seven years, no fraud has been detected in parking lots that use PARKEER.

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A simple version of PARKEER. Indicated for building garages and small private parking lots, which do not require improved controls, such as monthly payments, covenants or vouchers.

  • No limit of vehicles
  • Monthly customers, partnerships and vouchers
  • Paid Support
  • Version updates
  • Fiscal module
  • Cloud backup
  • Application integration
  • License for 1 device
R$ 399 one time

With the main features of PARKEER, without online services, updates and remote support. Indicated for parking lots that do not want monthly fees for online software services.

  • No limit of vehicles
  • Monthly customers, partnerships and vouchers
  • Paid Support
  • Version updates
  • Fiscal module
  • Cloud backup
  • Application integration
  • License for 1 device
R$ 799 one time

Complete software, with support via phone, WhatsApp and remote connection, automatic backup in the cloud and version updates.


  • No limit of vehicles
  • Online support
  • Version updates
  • Fiscal module
  • Cloud backup
  • Application integration
  • Works without internet
  • Multiple devices
  • 1 parking license
R$ 59,90 monthly