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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of the software?

We have 3 versions of PARKEER to make your parking management easy: the JUNIOR, PROFESSIONAL and ONLINE version.

JUNIOR is the simplest of versions, suitable for small parking lots, companies and other entities that only want to control the flow of entry and exit of vehicles, being able to rate them or not. It does not have the controls of monthly clients, partnerships or vouchers.

PROFESSIONAL is the version intended for all types of parking that uses only one computer and does not require support at all times. In this version, it is included the control of monthly clients, the partnerships and vouchers, used by most parking lots.

ONLINE is the most complete version, with 24/7 support via phone, WhatsApp or remote connection, backup in the cloud, and others online services. It contemplates all features of previous versions and also works without internet connection in your parking.

You can use an online version license on two or more computers in the same car park (connected on the same server). In the JUNIOR and professional versions you can usually take your questions by phone, email or WhatsApp, but the support is limited to that. If you require any intervention on the machine where the software is installed, the value of a technical call is charged.

Can I test the software?

Of course! Download PARKEER on your PC, laptop or Windows tablet right now and test for free, link: The PARKEER occupies very little space and memory processing (approximately 15MB, when opened only), and also does not interfere in any other program you have already installed.

Other questions:

-In the online version you can enjoy all the features of the system for managing parking without internet connection. The internet is only used for sending automatic backups, updating applications, autoCorrect, among other features;

-To deploy Parkeer in your parking lot, you need a computer (PC, laptop or Windows Tablet) and a thermal printer. Optionally, you can use a barcode reader to make exit easy;

-The program is compatible with all thermal and matrix printers of 40 columns (80mm), of any brand and model, provided it is compatible with the Windows operating system (the barcode is compatible only with thermal printers);

-You can work in network with up to 254 networked computers. Each license of the JUNIOR and Professional version is valid for only one computer, in the ONLINE version you can work with as many computers as needed (license by parking).

-If a technical intervention is required in clients of the JUNIOR and PROFESSIONAL versions, the value of the service will be charged;

-You can purchase your favorite version of the software after downloading, when starting the program will be asked if you want to acquire your license. Sales are processed by PayPal, the world leader in online payments and the safest way to buy over the Internet, which ensures total secrecy of your bank details, as well as maximum security in the purchase operation using your credit card or Bank data;